Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Message in a bottle

We recently spent 5 days on Bald Head Island, NC. It was such a nice time of rest and relaxation. We went with some friends.

To reach Bald Head Island, you have to park your car in a little city by the coast, and take a ferry to the island. Once there you are only allowed to drive golf carts. We wented a house one row from the beach. It was called Pleasent Boundaries.

At night we left our window open to hear the ocean waves.

I really needed this time.

On the last day on the island, laying on the beach I wanted to capture everything, I wanted to put it all in a bottle.

*I wanted to recored the laughter and squeals of the little girls jumping waves.
*I want to keep my girls at the age where they want to be with their mommy and daddy.
*I wanted to remember every word to the song that Maggi & Emma and their friends Ashley and Samantha made up to the tune of "she will be coming round the mountain".
*I wanted to bottle up the pride I had as we all sat around the fire built on the beach trying to find constellations and singing songs.
*I wanted to bottle the perfect picture of those beautiful girls running in the park with their Easter dresses on looking for eggs to fill their big baskets.
*I want my girls to remember that their mommy and daddy took a few minutes to walk hand and hand on the beach, a few stolen moments together.
*I want to bottle up the precious family time that can only happen when you take time away from all else.
*I would put some Spanish moss in there, that hung on the beautiful trees around the lighthouse we went to for Easter Morning Sunrise Service.
*I want to bottle up the crazy sounds the men folk made as they tried to get the baby owl to look our way.
*I want to bottle up some sand that reminds us of a lazy lunch we had.
*I want to bottle the anticipation that happens as you are pulling your crab pot out of the water.

We had an amazing few days.

My "bottle" is full and is running over.

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