Thursday, August 27, 2009

Better than Gold

Proverbs 16:16 "How much better it is to get wisdom than gold! And to get understading is to be chosen rather than silver."

Last night the girls were rewarded for their hard work in our church's program for children. It is called M-Pact or Missionettes. Each age has their own club, and for that club they must earn a badge every month. They earn points for bringing a friend, money, bringing their Bible, wearing their t-shirt, etc. Emma was in the 4 year old rainbow class and Maggi in the prims class.

This was one proud mommy. Going into the award ceremony last night I knew that Emma was going to win a special award (the rainbow of the year award) but that Maggi was not going to earn the prims award. What is a mommy to do. Maggi and Emma have both worked very hard to earn their badges, memorizing scripture, and doing projects. I wasn't sure how to handle this moment. Dave had to work, so I approached as best I could, covered it in prayer, and watched. When Emma was called and honored for her work, her sissy was so proud of her! You could see the excitement Maggi had for her. When it was time for Maggi's class special award, Emma looked backed waiting for her sissy to get hers. Maggi's name was not called. You could see Emma was disappointed for her. My heart was breaking.

I of courses was so excited for them both, as much work had been done. I was proud that they had learned so much about the Bible and its principles. I felt so proud of the teachers that dedicate their time to helping young women grow up in the love and admonition of our Savior. But I had to admit my heart was broken for Maggi. She had set a goal, and missed her mark.

In the car on the way home I heard Maggi and Emma chat. Emma said, sissy I will share this trophy with you. . . Maggi said, no Emma it is yours you earned it. Emma said well. . . a trophy only comes second to all we learned. Maggi agreed that they learned about Jesus and that was the true reward. My heart wells up now thinking about that car ride home. I wish I could have taped it, traped up so I could play it again, share it with Dave. I have such beuatiful girls. They understand and grasp so much more than I do. I wanted them both to have a trophy. But they have so much more than that. They have the knowledge of the Lord in their heart, and as I learned searching for peace this morning, that is worth much more than gold (or plastic painted gold.)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Is Summer Really Over?


Is it really over? We are back into the swing of things here, and I am already planning another vacation. I don't want my summer to be over. I miss sleeping in late, catching lighting bugs outside, swimming till the bats come out at my moms, eating watermelon with the juice dripping down your face. All the sweet things of summer.

This year was an awesome summer. We had so many new adventures we took. I learned alot about my family.

That the girls can ride in a rented van for over 2500 miles and not drive us all crazy (without a dvd player). That my husband actually enjoys planning vacations and is willing to help me pack all I can in a day (and night). I love my family (even the crazy ones and you know who you are).

We saw and did so much: we dipped our toes in 2 oceans, saw shooting stars on a clear crisp night, saw majestic mountains, tubed down a river, hiked to see the beautiful sequoia trees, we ate rotten egg jelly bellys, saw bear, banana slugs, elk, deer, trout, eagles. . . went to 5 states, drove through the redwoods, slept in a yurt, tent & the presidential suite overlooking San Francisco Bay, swam in grandma's pool, went to the beach house, played miniature golf, caught a sting ray, and visited with friends (some new and some we have known since we were 8). It was so good.

we laughed alot, we learned alot, and we loved alot.

Thank you friends and family for making such great memories!

Friday, August 21, 2009

The Runner Up

Today was quiet again. Dave was home, and after some discussion he discouraged me from going to have lunch with the girls... At first he became the runner up, second to what I am sure was going to be a wonderful corn dog at Larne. I wanted to go and make sure that they had what they needed in their lunch, that someone was there to help Emma open her things and make sure that they said the blessing. . .

I didn't go. Dave was here, he was the runner up. All that was left. But. . .

But after a nice lunch, an ice cream, and quiet time under a tree in the park, I realized I am the winner and Dave is never the runner up. (he sometimes lurks in the shadows-but is never the runner up :) He makes me the winner. What an awesome husband I have. I really enjoyed our time today. After a long shift (3 shifts 12 hours each.) for him and before my busy weekend starts it was nice to have him all to myself. We planned our upcoming fall trip, and had quiet uninterrupted time. After 13 years he can still calm me and help me realize my boundaries (apparently I shouldn't need to go to school on day 2 to check on Emma). He then went with me 20 minutes early (so I could be first in line to go get them) came home vacuumed the playroom, made vacation reservations, and took us to dinner and movie (the girls chose G-Force and Cicis.)

I have a wonderful husband that will spend time with me after only 2 hours of sleep, beautiful children who love to learn and are becoming what I desperately want them to be, I have a great life. I am truely the winner.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Home for just one more day

She is here with me today, my little kindergartner. We have been together for the last 1,964 days. We have laughed together, cried together, had tea parties, played candyland, read stories, had plays, built forts, prayed together, fed missionaries together, decorated together, made presents for each other. She is beautiful, strong, full of self confidence and dependence. She is my baby Emma.

She is so beautiful on the inside as well. She is moved to pray simply watching the waves crash on the rocky coast. She knelt her head to remember the American Indians and all they had lost. She cares about those around her and wants the best for them. She is my little Emma, and yesterday a chapter closed for her. This puts a hurt in my heart. I am going to miss it. I am going to miss hearing her make up songs and sing them all day long. I am going to miss her carrying her blanket down the stairs with her. I am going to miss watching her wait for her sister by the window, or ask "is it time to go get sissy yet". I am going to miss seeing her dressing up and twiliring around the house. She is my baby Emma.

I know life goes on and the next chapter holds more beautiful stories and words to discover, but today my heart is sad for what I am going to close. for the little girl who is growing up. For my baby Emma.

You had a wonderful first day. You were brave, beautiful, confident, everything I want and knew you would be. You were my big girl Emma, I love you

First Day of School

Wow, Today was the first day of school. Emma started kindergarten and Maggi third grade. It was bittersweet. It meant a new chapter in Emma's life. The girls were excited and could hardly go to sleep last night. Emma was up at 6:15 this morning ready to go. She was dressed with a bow in her hair before Maggi even woke up. Those girls are so different.

They just came home bubbling with the news from the day. It is hard for me to give my girls to their teachers. They will invest so much into them, taking my place from 7:30- 2:10. I admire teachers so much, and know we will be blessed.

They also started a new school today, they are the first students to occupy Larne Elementary. It is absolutely beautiful and a perfect place for them to learn, laugh, and love.

Happy First Day of School.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Is there a doctor in the house?

The last few days's before school starts back . . Emma's cat(stuffed & nonliving mind you) had rabies and a bad fur infection. Not to worry, she took the cat to the Animal Clinic that had been set up (conviently)in the play room. Dr. Maggi took her right in, after Emma had signed the necessary papers, she treated the poor animal, gave her antibiotics and cream, billed her and sent her on her way!

I love to watch and listen to their creative play. I love it even more that Maggi had the good sense to bill her :) What will I do next week when they are back at school?

Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Trial of Tears

While in the mountains we were able to watch an outdoor drama that showed the plight of the Cherokee Indians. It was very moving to watch. However, I looked over at my family and was moved even deeper. Maggi had tears flowing down her sweet cheeks, and Emma had bowed her head and was praying for the Indians. That night both their prayers mentioned the Indians and thier brokenhearts. Thank you Lord for such tenderhearted girls.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Slow down. . . and watch the paint dry


We were exactly 7 miles from our camping adventure in the mountains of North Carolina when we got behind a very slow moving line of traffic. We discovered we were behind a machine that was painting a new line on the side of the road. We were not able to pass the construction vehicle. We had to wait and watch as we proceeded up the very curvy mountain. I guess it was God's way of making us slow down and get ready for a time of refreshing. We had a nice time up there. We camped right by the river and got to listen to it as we lay in our sleeping bags at night. Dave and the girls got to go fishing and caught lots of trout. We tubed, played games, ate camp potatoes, made smores, painted rocks and slowed down. . .way down

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

With so many changes getting ready to happen in our family I felt I needed a way to document them. School is getting ready to start and life will change so abrubtly, I need to capture so many moments. I hope you enjoy watching and reading the happenings of our life. It is a chance for me to share my life with my family close by, and those far away (by distance only). Bear with me, as I am so very "tech" challenged.