Friday, August 21, 2009

The Runner Up

Today was quiet again. Dave was home, and after some discussion he discouraged me from going to have lunch with the girls... At first he became the runner up, second to what I am sure was going to be a wonderful corn dog at Larne. I wanted to go and make sure that they had what they needed in their lunch, that someone was there to help Emma open her things and make sure that they said the blessing. . .

I didn't go. Dave was here, he was the runner up. All that was left. But. . .

But after a nice lunch, an ice cream, and quiet time under a tree in the park, I realized I am the winner and Dave is never the runner up. (he sometimes lurks in the shadows-but is never the runner up :) He makes me the winner. What an awesome husband I have. I really enjoyed our time today. After a long shift (3 shifts 12 hours each.) for him and before my busy weekend starts it was nice to have him all to myself. We planned our upcoming fall trip, and had quiet uninterrupted time. After 13 years he can still calm me and help me realize my boundaries (apparently I shouldn't need to go to school on day 2 to check on Emma). He then went with me 20 minutes early (so I could be first in line to go get them) came home vacuumed the playroom, made vacation reservations, and took us to dinner and movie (the girls chose G-Force and Cicis.)

I have a wonderful husband that will spend time with me after only 2 hours of sleep, beautiful children who love to learn and are becoming what I desperately want them to be, I have a great life. I am truely the winner.

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