Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Is Summer Really Over?


Is it really over? We are back into the swing of things here, and I am already planning another vacation. I don't want my summer to be over. I miss sleeping in late, catching lighting bugs outside, swimming till the bats come out at my moms, eating watermelon with the juice dripping down your face. All the sweet things of summer.

This year was an awesome summer. We had so many new adventures we took. I learned alot about my family.

That the girls can ride in a rented van for over 2500 miles and not drive us all crazy (without a dvd player). That my husband actually enjoys planning vacations and is willing to help me pack all I can in a day (and night). I love my family (even the crazy ones and you know who you are).

We saw and did so much: we dipped our toes in 2 oceans, saw shooting stars on a clear crisp night, saw majestic mountains, tubed down a river, hiked to see the beautiful sequoia trees, we ate rotten egg jelly bellys, saw bear, banana slugs, elk, deer, trout, eagles. . . went to 5 states, drove through the redwoods, slept in a yurt, tent & the presidential suite overlooking San Francisco Bay, swam in grandma's pool, went to the beach house, played miniature golf, caught a sting ray, and visited with friends (some new and some we have known since we were 8). It was so good.

we laughed alot, we learned alot, and we loved alot.

Thank you friends and family for making such great memories!

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