Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Home for just one more day

She is here with me today, my little kindergartner. We have been together for the last 1,964 days. We have laughed together, cried together, had tea parties, played candyland, read stories, had plays, built forts, prayed together, fed missionaries together, decorated together, made presents for each other. She is beautiful, strong, full of self confidence and dependence. She is my baby Emma.

She is so beautiful on the inside as well. She is moved to pray simply watching the waves crash on the rocky coast. She knelt her head to remember the American Indians and all they had lost. She cares about those around her and wants the best for them. She is my little Emma, and yesterday a chapter closed for her. This puts a hurt in my heart. I am going to miss it. I am going to miss hearing her make up songs and sing them all day long. I am going to miss her carrying her blanket down the stairs with her. I am going to miss watching her wait for her sister by the window, or ask "is it time to go get sissy yet". I am going to miss seeing her dressing up and twiliring around the house. She is my baby Emma.

I know life goes on and the next chapter holds more beautiful stories and words to discover, but today my heart is sad for what I am going to close. for the little girl who is growing up. For my baby Emma.

You had a wonderful first day. You were brave, beautiful, confident, everything I want and knew you would be. You were my big girl Emma, I love you

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