Sunday, October 3, 2010

A sweet blossom

This week as we were doing our daily devotions with the girls, Maggi moved us.

The girls receive a sheet from superchurch on Sunday with questions that they have to answer every day. The thought is to encourage daily Bible reading.

On the outside of the sheet is a weekly Bible verse.

This week's verse was "do not be misled, bad company corrupts good character". The reference was in John.

Maggi right away says, "that is not correct, that verse is not found in John, it is in First Corinthians".

I told her to look it up, as it may be a Scripture that had been crossreferenced.
She grabbed her Bible, and found the verse right away,

I Cor. 15:33.

Dave and I just looked at each other.

Maggi is hiding the word in heart. We are so proud of the the lives the girls are living.

We love watching them blossom.


  1. That is AWESOME!! Both of your girls are amazing! You are very blessed!

  2. for some reason I saw this:

    and saw you guys. NOt that this is where God is leading you, but a picture of their family and their heart and their answer to God's pulling made me think of you.

    (Have you read Radical, by David Platt? I am in the middle of it.)

  3. Psalm 119:11. This is awesome. Your girls are so incredible. It's a great thing to do devotionals together!