Monday, February 14, 2011


"How great is the love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God!"

I John 3:1

I feel "lavished" on.
So many sweet things happened on this Valentine's Day.
Dave let me sleep in, but HE got up early to take the girls to school. I heard him tiptoe through the room to get Emma's matching bow. (that makes mom and Emma happy. The girls had to be at school today early for an extra practice which meant he had them at school at 7:05! That was better than a store bought card.

He then made my favorite breakfast (which ofcourse involve potatoes)

I got to go to the girls school and help out in their classroom parties! I love doing that. But as soon as Emma saw me she said, "daddy made us heart shaped pancakes for breakfast, what did he make for you?" Then scene was repeated in Maggi's classroom, She added "I knew yours was going to be really good cuz he loves you so much".

There in the fourth grade class room, in the middle of redvelvet cupcakes and stinky silly fourth grade boys MY HEART MELTED. For real. My girls were so excited about the love that their Father lavished on them.

I am proud that my husband thinks it is just as important to show my girls how importnant they are in his life, and instead of looking for a special sweetheart from their classroom, my girls were bragging on their daddy.

It made my day complete. Really. There was more, I am looking at fresh flowers in three rooms, and have a hot date planned as soon as we can find a free babysitter and save some money.

But my before the day was over. . . I got something extra.

Emma said she needed some new jazz shoes, that the ones she had hurt her feet. Well money is tight right now as we are transitioning to a missionaries budget. Dave asked Emma if she could make them work for 3 or 4 more months. Dave didn't realize that these were the shoes from last year, and that her toes really were crammed in them. I emailed a few moms to see if I could swap or borrow them for a while, to no avail. Well I asked our beautiful Ballet teacher if she had any extra shoes in the shoe exchange? Emma started trying on the shoes, and found a pair with MAGGI's name written in them. We had let a friend borrow them, and I guess she donated them, and so since they were obviously once ours, Miss Stacia GAVE them to us.

That my friends is how MY Father has lavished his love on me. Answered prayers.

I know that My Father has Lavished good gifts on you to.

Happy Valentines Day

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  1. His Valentines ARE all around, aren't they??? How sweet is that?

    Potatoes, huh? Heart shaped?