Monday, May 16, 2011

Best quotes of the week

The last week has been packed! We had a district council, a ballet recital, a 12 hour shift, school lunches, etc. My mind sometimes can't stop at night, thinking about it all.

It has been a crazy week. But listening to what has gone on around me has brought a smile to my face, during a crazy week!

Some of the best quotes are as follows:

"God told me to give twenty dollars at church today" from Emma before we head out the door. Dave and I look at each, and are so proud, that our daughter has conversations with God. Then about 5 minutes later, Emma hollers, "God changed his mind, I am giving a five".

"Mom, can we use our goggles in the bathtub, and use bubble bath and turn on the jets?"

"Happy Mother's Day Part 2!"

"GO EMMA" from Maggi as she cheered her sister on during her ballet recital, when the rest of the place was completely quiet. I love that they are each others best cheerleader.

"we are at about 40% of our budget", THANK YOU LORD.

"let me introduce Amy, my best friend" from Dave as he introduces me at a service.

"Cartwright Family, you are the first team to arrive. . ." from Emma who wants her entire family to be on the amazing race.

"your testimony ministered to me" from a dear lady I saw at district council

and today, my dad said, "I am proud of you" (enough said)

These are just a few things that made me smile. I think I had a few more, but at the moment they are not coming to me. Next time I am grabbing a pencil. . .

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