Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Picture is worth 1000 words

OK, I found this post waiting to be uploaded, I think I didn't post it because I could not find a picture of my dad and Roxanne at our commissioning service, which speaks volumes 1) because my dad Hates his picture, , , so imagine if you will, my dad and Roxanne, in our picture where we are all dressed in yellow and black. . . and 2) there should be a picture somewhere, because it was a BIG deal that they were there.

But, this was a great way to show where all we were in just one year.

This is a crazy ride.

The first one was the girls last Easter after the girls got a call from the front desk, saying that the Easter Bunny left a basket. . . then there was a park in downtown Greenville, SC, mother's day at Daniel Stowe Garden, Maggi's honor star crowning, The grand canyon, my mom sky diving, the alamo, ice skating in South Dakota, Christmas in Clover. . .

We are learning to enjoy the ride, and are trying to take lots of pictures!

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