Friday, March 29, 2013

A trip to the market

We have a variety of places to shop for groceries here in San Jose.

We shop mostly at a grocery store near our house, because of the proximity to our house.  There is an open fruit and vegetable market on the weekends, and when we get a chance we like to get our fresh fruits and veggies for the week there at the "feria".

We don't generally shop at the central marketplace for our meats but I had to share some pictures

just keep swimming

Not ready to cook with feet yet

Or hearts
ok, or tongue either

I have to admit, I have not gone totally native with all of the food, we stick to what we know, we have added more beans and rice to our diet, and have added many new fruits, many of which we don't even know how to pronounce correctly. . . remember we are new missionaries :)

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