Saturday, March 13, 2010

Maggi Turns 9,

We make birthdays a big deal around here.

That is how we role.

Infact, (for the record) I declare November my birthday month.

Well, Maggi turns 9 today.

We can hardly believe it. We have been celebrating for 2 days now and here and here are some of the pictures.

We started out by bringing cookies to our classmates and teachers. Yummy.

Then we had Emily and Samantha spend the night. Maggi chose to take her friends to Red Robin, her favorite restaurant. Then to the mall for a trip to Bath and Body Works, for our party favors.

And of course, Coldstone Creamery for a Yummy Treat.

This morning we woke up and had dad makes us some waffles, and then opened some gifts.

Then . . . for the grand finale. . . We had been working on for weeks.
(ok my mom has been working on it for weeks) was the Indian TeePee.

Originally Maggi wanted a Kaya, American Birthday Party, complete with a teepee. The party changed into a casual girlfriend getaway, but she still wanted the teepee.

It turned out Great!

As you can see the girls LOVED IT.
(Thanks Dave and Mom)

Making Wishes Come True.
Thats how we roll.

(party tomorrow too)
Just had to get it started.

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