Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Connecting the dots

Remember when I told you about the person that was right in front of my eyes?

Her name is Ester, well her family calls her Karla, but she doesn't like that. . . 

So, We have continued to make Ester part of our family.  
One painful Spanish sentence at a time.

She came to the sleepovers for both of the girl's birthday parities.

We had a chance to enjoy some fĂștbol together.

But, she has also made us a part of her family.

This past weekend, we were able to visit her family.
and all we can say, is. . .  well. . .  God is GOD.

When I prayed, for the person on front of me I had no idea what would happen later on.

This weekend, we were able to meet her uncle, who is a pastor to the Cabecar Indians, thats right, that is the specific group God called us to year, almost 4 years ago.  He holds church for them in his back yard.  

We had no idea, that the weekend we go up, that there was a special service for them.  They had a group come to them, to show them how to build an oven.  Not the kind of oven your thinking of, but an oven that is built out of dirt, sugar cane water, and horse poop.  An oven that does not need electricity, because remember where they live, there is no electricity.  

I need a bit of back story here.

In language school, David and I had a project we had to complete.  We decided to do ours together.  He wanted to interview churches to see if they would be willing to learn to respond in the event of a natural disaster.  Well honestly, that didn't sound at all interesting to me.  So we did the closest thing next to that . . . 
Shopping . . .
OK maybe not on the same spiritual level, but that was what I wanted to do.  We decided to research the Indigenous communities and discover the product that they produce, and the area they lived.  We were actually able to go to several communities.  One of the communities made pottery.  

Seemingly this is just another random dot on the page, but we didn't see a bigger picture, the oven that they used for pottery, was the oven that was being taught to the Cabecar to make bread. 

Dot connect.

A few weeks ago, when we had a group called Sustain Hope here, they were in a community in a different zone, but the same tribe of Indians.  Their perceived need was an oven.  They asked how they could have an oven in their communities.

Seriously, another dot connected.

This group has offered to go with Dave on a planned outreach, to teach them how to make the oven.  Not only can we teach them how to make bread, but about the BREAD OF LIFE.  


In the service, in the back yard, of the uncle of the girl who stood in front of me 5 months ago, had a young man, who is in Bible school, who speaks Spanish and Cabecar, and was preaching to this group in their own language.  

That may seem like a small thing, but people that is an answer to prayer.  The religion of the Cabecar, and the lifestyle that they have lived for 1000 of years, is so foreign to us, but God put someone in our path, who can preach to them in their own language, understanding that the god they know, that fell from the sky because he was chasing a pretty girl, is not the way to eternal salvation. 

like a billion dots connected right there people.  

How awesome is our God.  

I, Amy, often feel so overwhelmed with the culture, the language, the need, the poverty, personal inabilities, I take God out of the equation.  I don't realize that He doesn't need ME in a big way, he needs me in a small way.  Listening to his voice.  

He is there, connecting the dots, starting with the small me and the person standing right in front of me.

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