Thursday, January 15, 2015

2014 in Review

I love looking back at the year, and recapping special events and remembering our milestones.  We will start with the first 6 months

January our family took "a middle of our first term" vacation.   We spent a week with my dad and step mom in a condo in Orlando.  During that time, my dad had been diagnosed with cancer, so we were so blessed to have an entire week to visit with him.  We also had a chance to hang around Mickey for a little while.

This would be the last time I would be able to see my father, before saying Goodbye to him in the hospital hours before leaving this earth.  God was so good to give me this gift.  
We made some magical memories.  

February Maggi started playing soccer for her 8th grade class.

And Dave and I went on a "hot" date to a volcano for Valentine's day.  

We also hosted Sustain hope from Springfield, Missouri.  We set off for several indigenous areas to establish rapport.  Sustain hope had been to visit one community several years prior, so it was exciting for them to see how the community had grown.  This was also a "planning" team, for a group that would be working in the area later.

Maggi and Emma learn how to make a solar oven

March, we continue to learn how to live in this new culture.

                                                                    We explored the city.

I wonder why people say this city is confusing?

We made new friends

                                                                          We watched a FIFA game

Celebrated International day at the girl's school

April, we worked with some other missionaries and their teams.  Dave had an opportunity to attend a training seminar in Ecuador specifically on how to reach un reached people groups. Invaluable information was gained, and we will continue to add on those concepts for the unreached people groups here in Costa Rica.

 This month the girls and I worked with a team of ladies at Chicas de promesa.  This is an at risk girls club in an impoverished neighborhood.  More details to follow about chicas.

In MayAmy had an opportunity to attend a group beginning to focus here for the Latin American and Caribean reagion in the fight agaisnt abuse and explotation.  It was  eye opening .

 We also did much prep work for the busy month of June.  Lots of planning and praying

Maggi & Emma the best MK's Ever

June was very busy.  We had a combined team of sustain hope and students from Southeastern University.  We took them to two differnet Indigenous communities.  The students fell in love with the people, and the word of the Lord went to dark areas.

Praise the Lord for Speed the Light.
We will get there any way we can.

We had to wait for the river to decrease before attempting to cross where our indigenous community was

Dave and I celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary in a community with no electricity.  It must be love.

We also hosted a team from the youth of Minneasota.  They used basketball as an avenue to gain access in public schools to tell others about the love of our heavenly Father.

We also met with the leadership of Costa Rica for their executive meetings.  Dave was able to present his plan on helping the country come up with a plan for natural disasters.  I was pretty proud of my man.

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