Wednesday, January 21, 2015

What is Chicas de Promesa?

Describing what Chicas de Promesa is will take a series of Blog posts to talk about.  

I'll start with a basic introduction.  

Chicas de Promesa is a girl's empowerment club.  It is a safe place where girls can study and be mentored,
 build friendships and have fun.  It helps girls at risk realize their dignity, not matter what they have been through,
it strengthens them to overcome their current challenges,
 and prepares them for the future they dream of:
all within an atmosphere of God's love and promises.

The girls in the club attend the local Latin America Childcare School. 
 Although at school they learn in an atmosphere of God's love,
at home most of the girls are exposed to domestic violence and molestation, 
gangs and drugs, and women who sell themselves to make ends meet.

The girls carry a heavy burden.
Chicas de Promesa gives them a place to bring their pain,
share with other girls,
receive healing through God's love,
and learn how to create a different future for themselves.

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