Thursday, July 15, 2010


Did David and Amy actually go to school down there? all their pictures are of vacation. Well, here are the certificates to prove that we are now fluent in spanglish. we can ask how much this costs, when does it start, where are you from? this is to add to our expansive knowledge when we got here of where is the bathroom and what is your name. We did go to school for six weeks four hours a day. but there was certainly little to take pictures of and little exciting enough to blog about. but it was a humbling experience for sure. it was really hard learning another language. however, it was a good taste of humble pie. the whole experience was challenging but fruitful. dealing with most the elements you would need to handle if living here for an extended period all smashed in six weeks as well as dealing with the culture shock and new inconveniences was certainly stressful by the time six weeks was up. It was a great experience and Cincel was good for us. Though we may not be fluent in spanish, we did actually learn some spanish, we did met some great new missionary families that became good friends and gave us good advice, gave our children a positive experience living in another culture and country and the chance participate in ministry. It also gave us a much better idea of how to prepare should the Lord call us back here again. We are glad to have moved on though to be honest. We got all we could handle for now. We are enjoying some amazing experiences and absolutely gorgeous parts of Costa Rica our last few days here. Amy will blog those later. I just wanted to sign off our time here by saying thank you Cincel for lessons learned, friendships made and our hearts and sprits changed. Soon it will be back to work, and moving forward in whatever God calls us to do. For now a friendly farewell to Cincel. Hasta Luego.


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