Thursday, July 22, 2010

Operation Vacation

Friday, we got all packed up and tried to head out of town.
But living in Central America, you don't always get what you bargained, or even paid for.
We had rented a 7 passenger 4 wheel drive, and ended up with a 5 passenger. We needed a bigger car, because we had invited some friends along for the weekend.

So, we were left with the option of taking the car, or taking nothing. So we all piled in and put our luggage on top of the car again. The girls rode in the cargo part of the car. We are not going to win any awards, for the safest parents in town, but, that is how it goes. The girls loved it. They named themselves the "talking luggage".

We had the apartment we called home packed up, the car and talking luggage secure, and needed to make one phone call before heading out. Well the phone call was to the property manager of the house we were going to rent to give her an approximate time of arrival. She informed us that someone was in the house, and our reservations were going to be for the next day.

So we were in a little bit of a panic. But we were able to find a place to stay, and the owner of the home refunded that night's stay.

God takes care of us in so many ways.

We were finally on the road, about 3 hours later, but on the roads of Central America none the less. Once you get out of the city of San Jose, things are much easier. You have to watch out for potholes the size of bathtubs, and the occasional monkey, but then you are good to go. Our drive was uneventful.

We arrived in Manuel Antonio for the first part of our week of vacation. The house we stayed out was wonderful. We were able to sit on the rocking chairs of our balcony and watch the slow moving sloths, the howler monkeys, the capuchin monkeys and the tizi monkeys. We even hand fed the tizi monkeys. It was such a treat to stay there.

On Sunday we went to the national park of Manuel Antonio. What an amazing place. We know understand why people LOVE Costa Rica. On our hike through the park we saw, monkeys, sloths, a boa constrictor, agoutis, iguanas, bats, and a poisonous tree. The water was beautiful. It was a great start to a much needed vacation.

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We brought our new friends Lorin and Rebecca Harris with us. They got married in December, and had honeymooned in Manuel Antonio. They were alot of fun to be around. We had alot of good food, and enjoyed playing cards, and watching the wildlife with them.

On Monday we took a catamaran tour. So we were able to watch the dolphin play along side the boat, did a little snorkeling, and had some fresh pineapple smoothies. After lunch, we lifted up the sail, and cruised back. What a relaxing afternoon. Emma said, and I quote, "we are living the dream".

Tuesday, we drove the Pan American highway to our final destination, Playa Conchal. This is a gem of a place. We have this beautiful white sand beside aqua blue water. We feel so pampered. We rented a condo in a reserve here. We were able to get a great price, because this is the off season in Costa Rica. The reserve has a pool, steps away from the ocean. The staff here will take a lounge chair for you and place it ride beside the ocean, underneath the shade of the tree. So you can go for a swim in the ocean, and then cool off in the refreshing pool.

After some stressful weeks of trying to learn a language, and adapt to a new culture, this vacation has been . . .replenishing.

We feel so spoiled.

God has blessed us with an amazing time.

Our only regret, is that our friends and family can not be here with us.

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