Friday, September 4, 2009

I have a loose tooth

After the first week of school, Emma came home from Kindergarten and proclaims to the family, that she has a loose tooth!

I was not prepared. With Maggi, I had her personalized tooth pillow before she got her first tooth. She didn't loose her first tooth until the end of her kindergarten year. Emma did not have a pillow.

The second child syndrome that people talk about, but I swore I would not be like? (maybe)

I had to teach a class at work that night, and when I got home Dave said look what your daughter did. Oh no I had missed it. . .

No something even better, touching even. After I had left Maggi made her sister something. She made Emma a tooth fairy pillow. It is just like Maggi to do that. She has the sweetest, most caring spirit. She does not want anyone to do with out. When someone is in need, she is there to help. And to make it with her own two hands

I love that about my girls. I love that they care about each others need. Don't get me wrong, they are normal sisters, 2 nights ago they were in trouble for scratching each other over the bathroom sink space for tooth brushing time. (It starts early doesn't it-we have a total of 4 bathroom sinks in our house, why not share?)

Anyway. . .

Yesterday Dave and I were able, after a little searching, find Emma her very own tooth fairy pillow. Maggi was a little hurt that we were not going to use the paper pillow, but was none the less excited for Emma.

Emma has not lost that tooth yet, but now the tooth beside it is wiggly. I will definitely keep you posted as to when it is officially lost.

". . . You are to help your brother (sister)." Joshua 1:14

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