Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bring Your Pearls

This weekend, the girls had some sweet girls spend the night with them. Dave was working, and since I home now, we can have some serious sleepovers. I was talking with their mom on the phone, and the girls hollered downstairs. . .

Tell them to bring a dress up hat and a tea party dress!

They decided to throw a tea party! I had nothing to do with it. Nothing.

The girls arrived, and went promptly upstairs and changed into their dresses. I told the girls I would make them some "pigs in the blanket" and some tea for their party.

So I went upstairs to deliver the tea, and was completely blown away.

These girls were good. They had set a delightful table setting, using only leftovers and things found around the house. (ok I threw in my china tea pot and cups) but other than that. . .

they found the roses left over from the father daughter dance
they found the dollies left over from Emma's Birthday party
they found the plates left over from a back to school tea party
they found the little pastel puffs left over from Emma's birthday party

It was pretty cute.

Smart girls, going Green, and not being wasteful... So smart.

And our friends that came over, dressed in high fashion, complete with gloves and hats, of course (being from the south) had their pearls.


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