Wednesday, January 20, 2010

it's complicated

Today I got a call from Mecca. OK not the real Mecca, but the Assemblies of God Mecca-Springfield Missouri. "We have been approved to process". What does this Mean? Well it is complicated. For starters it means that our 200 page application was approved. WoW.

Now comes the waiting. And the processing

The next phase for us will be in August. Dave and I have to go to Springfield for personal interviews and medical exams. This is a 3 day process. If that goes well, and to be honest I am a little worried about Dave and the psych evaluation :>,

then we wait some more.

Then in October we would go for orientation and meet with the regional director for Latin America. This would be the final step in our application process. This is when we would be able to find out which assignment best matches with us and our family.

Then on November 9th, we would become an official canidate.

I was a little overwhelmed with it all today. I mean, who but God can help a family navigate through all of this?

Earlier today I was humbled once again as Dave got a phone call from the South Carolina Missions Director this morning telling him that his is praying for us. Having people we don't know call to let us know they are lifting us up in prayer is such a new thing.

Then the next phone call, from the National Department of Foreign Missions. In that phone call she said, that we were approved by the regional director for Latin America, Dick Nicholson.

Remember in grade school when they are picking teams for dodge ball, and you were picked first? that was kind of what it felt like today. Someone looked over my family and wanted us. Wow. overwhelmed and humbled.

This process is very complicated, but God seems to show us his path and plan in it all. I don't know when or how or where we will end up, but we will wait. We are chosen, and can't wait to be sent.

that is not complicated.

"how then can they call on the one they have not believed in? and how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? and how can they hear without somene preaching to them? and how can they preach unless they are sent?" Romans 10:14-15

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  1. Hey girl....gonna call you leggy momma, from your foto! Hee hee. I did not know you had a blog. glad I do (know). I will follow you now, in your live and this exciting journey