Friday, January 15, 2010

My Mama Came to Dinner

Oh Happy Day,

I love living in the town of Clover. When I grew up the town slogan was cLOVEr, the town with Love in the middle. It is a small townn.

So small that I ran into my I ran into my mom in the gorcery store this afternoon, and told her Dave could not come to dinner, did she want to join me. She called about 6:30 and said she was on her way over. I looooooooved it. I am so happy when she comes over.

The authentic enchiladas that are usually pretty good, didn't turn out as I hoped (a new can of sauce) but that didn't matter. The chips had a hint of jalapeno, but that didn't matter either. It was a great dinner. because she was here

I love her so much. Every time before I would leave the house as a teenager (maybe even before then) my mom would say. . .
Remember who you and what you are. Those classic lines made me think before doing someting I would regret later.

Also my mom has the silly way of cheering me up. Whenever I am sad or discouraged she sings a country song.

if I was having a bad day, she would sing "Some days a diamond, some days a stone",. . .

on the way to freshmen orientation in Lakeland FL, about 5 hours in the drive, over the walkie talkie comes Garth Brooks and my mama singing, "Cuz I got friends in Low places". . .

and don't forget about some of the classic Annie lines. . . "The sun will come out tomorrow",. . . Its only a day away. . . betcha bottom dollar. . .

You get the picture. I can only imagine what she could do with today's song lyrics (HE EH)

Anyway, Thanks for coming over tonight mom. You made me happy. I love you. Maybe tomorrow we will meet again. . .Somewhere over the rainbow

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