Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Time for Dinner

I thought that this big change in schedule would be no big deal. But I have to tell you that it has been harder than I thought.

Saturday was great. The girls and I stayed in our jammies on a very cold day. We took baths and got back in some new clean jammies

Sunday was a blessing, being in church, praise and worship, and a great sermon on becoming free from what weighs us down.

Then came Monday. Work was a little crazy. But when I got home I thought we would have dinner like we always do. But when I got in the girls were ready to give good night kissess. And then they were off to bed. They had already eaten.

No family dinner? WHOOOAAA that is the rule.

I mean come on

We always eat dinner as a family.

Tears were forming, and Dave could see where I was headed. He reminded me that it was 8:00 on a school night, which is their bedtime, so they couldn't wait.
(they did on Saturday nights) i mumble

I didn't realize I would have to sacrafice that. And THAT is huge for me. The rule is that we eat together.

Of course I realize now they can't wait, but it just didn't occur to me before.

Dave says that I need to focus on what I wanted, which was unscheduled time with my girls. Time that I didnt need to do homework, ballet, horseback riding lesson, missionette memorization etc. So I will do that.

And I will still have dinner with my family every other night of the week.

Because I love learning the sweet little things about my family during the 30 minutes around the dinner table. That Emma had such a hard day, she had 4 table activity stations instead of 2. That Maggi made Mrs. Biggerstaff happy today by commented on her sweater. Who they ate with. Talking about what kind of patients Dave had, and if all the crazies were a transfer from my hospital (No Hippa Violations I Promies).

I love the dinner table. I love taking time to eat together. I would love it more if my mom came to dinner occasionally (hint hint)

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