Friday, May 7, 2010

Those Baby Blues

Someones life is changed today.

I have never met her.
But I am so happy for her.

We have a mutal person in common.
Baby Boy.

I was a nurse taking care of his mama.
She made an amazing decision.
She decided to put baby boy up for adoption.

She chose the best life possible for him.
A life she felt she could not give him.

This decision did not come easy for her,
I know because I saw the pain in her eyes.
I could feel her sorrow, as I helped her wipe her tears away.

She couldn't look at him when he was born.
I don't think she even knows if he was a boy, she didn't during her pregnancy.

She loved him though, she didn't have to know if he was a boy or a girl. She carried him inside of her for 40 weeks.
She decided that the baby would have a better life with someone else.

I can't imagine that kind of love.
I can't imagine her emotions this mother's day.
I know she must feel the ache of an emptiness few of us know.

I didn't get to take care of her when she delivered. But she was in my thoughts and prayers.
I wasn't there when she left the hospital, without her baby, but I lifted her name before the Lord.

I did get to meet her son.
And I held him in my arms and prayed over him. I prayed for a life of joy, peace, and that the hand of the Lord would be on him.
I prayed that he would carry a piece of his mom in his heart, even if he never gets to meet her.

And I prayed for his new mom.

Can you imagine, getting a call, 2 days before mother's day, that. . .
-what you have been waiting for, for years is here
-what you could not have, someone has given you
-you have a healthy baby boy waiting on you
-you have reason to celebrate this mother's day, instead of feeling the void you have had for several years
-getting a call that says


Can you imagine?

I get overwhelmed thinking about her.
So whoever you are,
Happy first mother's day.
Your Baby Boy is beautiful.
Know that the mother that gave you that gift, was a beautiful mom who wanted only the best for her baby.

And for the mom who gave up that sweet boy with big beautiful eyes.
Know that there are people who think you are so brave.
That you are strong.
Know that you are loved.

Be blessed this mother's day.

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