Saturday, May 29, 2010

Embrace It

We are just a few days away now from stepping on a plane for Costa Rica.

But it is part of a larger journey.

This journey started so long ago, neither Dave nor I remember where or when it started.The pieces seem kind of random, but have fit together.

The first piece happened when I was 15. I went to Costa Rica on a mission's trip with other teenagers from South Carolina. The country and people were so beautiful, I knew I wanted to go back. I have such vivid images from that week that are still in my heart. The Lord planted some seeds.

And then of course, Dave and I, have shared a life long passion for missions, but oddly enough have not served together on a mission's trip since we met. So our desire has been to be able to serve along side of each other, some day. Another seed.

Then along came Maggi and Emma. My hearts desire has been that they were able to see what it was like for people in other countries. I have also wanted them to witness, first hand, what it was like to share the gospel of Christ, to a person who has never heard, and have that person make a committment to Christ. Another seed.

Then, another dream(seed) of mine, was to do a Spanish Immersion Program with my family. Where we all learn the Spanish Language, while living in the culture.

So when Dave and I are dreaming of our future, these seeds are all budding.

The beautiful flower is now starting to bloom. They have led us to where we are now. About to embark on an amazing journey. A combination of it all.

I have an amazing partner, because he believes in helping my dreams come true.

The first step of the process started in the fall, when we sat down with our friends Jay and Nancy Dickerson. They had been the directors of Cincel, the school where missionaries for the Assemblies of God, go to learn Spanish. They also have a summer school program where people can come and learn Spanish, and learn how to minister to Latin American people. So while meeting with them, they really inspired us.

They asked questions like, "instead of summer school, why not a trimester"".
And. . . "instead of Language school, why not answer the call for full time missions".
And . . ."what are you waiting for"
And. . ."what are your fears"
And lastly, Jay so kindly said, "you need to get out of the boat"

The boat, meaning our safety.
Our Clover,
our paid for house
our paid for cars
our great jobs with decent benefits
our comfort zone.

And with that, and alot of prayer, and shakey legs, we got out of the boat.

We, meaning me, having sometimes felt like I was being carried by the waves. But getting out of the boat has been good. Scarey but good.

We have our application in to become missionaries with the Assemblies of God, and will take those steps as the come.

But while we wait for that, we needed to go deeper.
We decided to proceed with the summer school plans. We did this for several reasons. But the main was that we felt this would be really good for our family.

It is like dipping our toes in the water so to speak. We want our girls to really understand what it will feel like for us to be missionaries. What it will be like to be living in a place where we are totally dependent on our Father. Where we are "foreigners in a strange land". Where Dave and I get to work together, side by side.

So here we are.

As my beautiful life long friend Heather put it, I am going to embrace it all. "Embrace all the emothions I have. . . and take my husband by the hand, with my precious girls, and embark on what is the very beginning of my life and legacy". {Heather that was perfect timing}.

We are all stepping out of the boat.

We will be spending the next eight weeks in Costa Rica, all of us. We have taken a leave of absence from work, and are both blessed to have our jobs waiting for us when we return. The girls will be in school also. We don't know all the details, but are excited to be taking the first steps.

So Here we Go!

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  1. You are SO ready for this, my friend! Enjoy the ride! :-)
    (By the way...this "veteran" is being challenged by your good words, and what you are learning!)