Thursday, June 3, 2010

Being flexiable

We are here in beautiful Costa Rica.

We all four made it, and picked up one along the way.
David's mom, Judy joined us on the journey.

We, and all 9 pieces of packed luggage mae it. (one includes Dave's fishing pole).

Things went very smooth through all airports. We flew out of Myrtle Beach, connected in Fort Lauderdale, and then arrived in San Jose. Judy started Tuesday night with a red eye to Atlanta, and then to San Jose. We met up at backage claim about 10 minutes apart.

The girls got their first stamp in their passport books, and were very excited.

We were greeted by Don, the director of the language school CINCEL, who helped us get to our apartment. When we arrived here, Don's wife Jackie helped us get acquainted with our new place.

I will take some pictures today of what it looks like. But we were pleasantly suprised at how big it is. We all have a bed, and plenty of closet space, a big family room and nice working kitchen. We will be sharing one bathroom. We have a little courtyard in the back and an area in the front.

The girls are settling in. They don't understand the need for all the locked doors we need to go through. But they are looking forward to this new adventure now more than before.

After we unpacked Don and Jackie had dinner for us at school. We had a delicious meal and then came back and crashed. Everyone was asleep by seven oclock p. m. (there is a two hour time difference) but still that is pretty early. The sun rises at 4:30 here, so we will see what our days will eventually shape up like.

Everyone is still asleep here, it is 3:30. But I woke around 12:00 and haven't been able to settle back down. I spent some time with the Lord, journeled a little, made a grocery list, and now this.

Yesterday was good.
Yesterday were were flexiable.
This morning in my journel the title was "doing whatever it takes"
it reads, "develop a flexible attitude, a joyful willingness to do whatever it takes. Wihout flexibility you could end up returning home disappointed and unfullfilled. Recognize that things wno't always go your way. Flexibility is simply saying "Your will be done, Lord, not mine.""

For me it was a written message from the hand of God.

So that is what I am choosing.


Yesterday our apartment had no running water, and a huge water leak in the middle of the kitchen (ok not huge but you get the picture). So being flexiable, the girls and I washed our feet, that were completely black on the bottom from walking around without shoes, we washed them in the pouring rain. And for the leaky ceiling, we found a bucket, and measured how much it rained in our house. (Did I mention we were here during the raining season).

So we will remain flexiable again today.

We will be going to the school where the girls will be attending, grocery shopping, and Spanish entrance exams. So it is a big day.

Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart. Psalm 37:4

P.S. I just did spell check and all the works lit up becasue they are not in Spanish. Oh me. . .

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