Monday, June 28, 2010

The Simple Things

Living in another country you realize how convient things are in the United States. For example, today the girls had their first day of school. So we have them ready at 7:00 for a 15 minute van ride to school.

Well, after about 20 minutes of waiting, it is aparent that the van is not coming. Their school starts at 7:30.

So with the help of the missionaries that have been here awhile, and can speak Spanish, taxis are called and clear directions given. Judy will ride with the girls, and another mom will take the other children in another van and then return to school.

So what should be an easy thing, becomes an event. We have secured a new van driver and all things settled. But for us, we are unable to do that on our own, because we can't speake the language.

Yesterday, going to church is another example. We take 2 taxis to church. Then 2 taxis for lunch, and then a bus ride ride home. We left the house at 10:30 and returned at 3:30.

Life is just different. It is not bad, just different. I have tried to put myself in the shoes of missionaries so many times and thought I had some idea of what they go through. But I have not even been close.

If God has no plans for us on foreign soil, I now know how to pray for the people who give up everything to serve outside the comforts of home. We have had the opportunity to meet more families here, and have caught a glimpse into the life that they live.

I encourage you to find a family on the missions field and support them. Not only finicially, but emotionally. I watch them check their mailboxes every day. Finding a written letter, or small package makes a huge difference. Remembering a birthday or anniversary is huge for them. One friend said today, that life goes on without them in their family in the states. No matter how much she tries to communicate it is not the same.

So pick a family and be faithful to them. Get involved and share their burderns. I am convicted of this myself. We have given to family our whole married life, finicially. But I had never, until the past 8 months sent them a card. I read their newsletter, checked their blog, but never sat down and kept track of their emotional needs. Now their children are grown, and they have grandbabies.

I pray that I will be a better supporter.

(and will mail the Christmas card that I have in my kitchen to them as soon as I get home. I never took the time to go the post office at the end of my neighborhood.)

The best that God's people have to offer is ourselves. Only when we put ourselves in direct personal relationship with the people of God in the hard places do we begin to understand their needs and accompany them in the pilgrimage of faith. . . It is no longer the rich stepping down to help the poor, but brothers and sisters in Christ stepping across to journey with one another. Daniel Rickett.

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