Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Grocery Shopping

OK not a strong display of pictures, but for now it is all we have.

The first picture is of cheese. On our way home from the first trip to La Paz, we stopped here to get some cheese made by a local dairy. It is what is hanging in the plastic bags.

Tomorrow, we get to see first hand what the missionaries fondly call "trunk cheese". Someone comes to the college and sells cheese out of his trunk. I personally can't get these cheese past my nose. But maybe after 5 weeks, I will have a different attitude.

The last are from one of our trips to the grocery store, auto mercado. It is the most expensive grocery store in the city. We can walk to it in about 20 minutes. The girls enjoy walking there, because we let them get a pineapple juice box for the walk home. When you are walking to the grocery store, you have to carry your purchases home, so we have to be careful not to buy to much at one time.

So far, everytime we walk, we get caught in a huge rain storm. I mean really raining. And when that much rain comes down at once, the sidewalks often become "rivers". One day when the girls and I were waiting to cross over the main street, the bus came by and we didn't get out of the way soon enough and we were completely soaked.

Drenched actually.

We had alot of fun laughing at ourselves.

Monday and Tuesday I went shopping with one of the missionaries here. I discovered cheapers places to shop. One called Las Ibermas. It is a like a Latin walmart. Infact they sell the "great value" products. They are cheaper then the Auto Mercado. You have to take a taxi there. But worth the savings. We found Costa Rican brands of foods there. And then I went to "Price Mart" which is like Sams or Costco. They are alot of the imported foods we love, (mac and cheese to be specific). We even found a block of cheese we didn't need to take a loan out for (for now I am going with that cheese rather than the Trunk Cheese).

So we are adjusting.
And having fun discovering the culture of grocery shopping.

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