Thursday, June 3, 2010

Home away from home

This is Emma entering the back door

This is a little courtyard in the back of the apartment. Today we saw a beautiful hummingbird, an iguana, and what Maggi fondly called a "stink bug"

Our kitchen.

Our bedroom

the living room

The girls are decorating their room, so you can see that later.

We are getting all settled in. Dave and Judy made it to the grocery store. They found alot of our favorite food, even easy mac. It came with a high price tag, but we can work extra when we get home. Our fridge is full, and cabinets stocked.

The girls are registered for school. The school that they will be going to, Sojurn Accademy, is still in session. So. . . the girls will hang out with Judy for the next two weeks. She has plenty planned. Then Judy will be teaching and doing a minni VBS for our girls and the missionary grade school children for a week. After that the girls will be going to summer camp for 3 weeks. They will not have any formal Spanish while here, but are working on their Spanish when they can.

Dave and I took our entrance exams today, and lets just say the last 4 pages I left empty. (Conjugation. . .was a long time ago). I didn't have the opportunity to say phrases like: Push, stop, pain, . . . because you know I could have done that exceptionally well.

School starts for us on Monday. So we will know more what our day will look like then. I think Dave and I will be in the beginers class. HOLA.

The Lord is faithful. I am so thankful to be living out my dream.

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