Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My Fearless Leader

Dave and I are amazed at all the convient ways people can stay in touch now.
When he and I met and long distanced dated, we didn't have email, or skype, or each have cell phones with international plans.

We had pen and paper, some faxes thrown in for good measure, the unreliable mail service, anyone traveling back to the states, and long distance, very expensive phone calls for our communication. I know that some people may still say we were spoiled, but they would be lying.

Now, at home, Dave and I have two storage boxes full of letters.
They are priceless to me.
I have them all dated and in order.
Some have beautiful stationary, some yellow paper with air mail envelopes.

We read them now, and they are part of our great love story. I can't tell you how many times that Daves letters would come to me, and even though they may have been written a week to 10 days prior, it was exactly what I needed for that day. For example, I remember walking through the door of my apartment completely sad about a situation, Dave's letter was sitting on the table, and inside were the most beatiful words written to encourage me, almost describing the situation.

Sometimes the letters even came a month late, but would speak into my life.
Dave may be a man of few words in conversation, but I fell in love with him, through the words he wrote to me.

Even now, if I have a letter from Dave, I cherish it, because his written words are just for me. I have several still tucked beside my bed, one in my Bible, one in my travel bag. . .

While I was in Romania, Dave came to my rescue on an occasion. The details are fuzzy, but not life altering. But what happened after was.

I called him my fearless leader.

Because he was that day, and has been ever since. . .

So the first letter written to Dave, I addressed to "My Fearless Leader"
The letter that returned to me was addressed to "My Faithful Follower"

And almost without fail, all since that have been addressed the same way.

So here I am today, On my annivesary, with My Fearless Leader.
We have been married 14 years today.
I am still following him.

(Sometimes my follwoing creates a tornadoe like wind, don't get me wrong)
But after all is said and done, He is the one I want to be with.

I can't wait to find a way to celebrate here in Costa Rica with him.

Su Fiel Seguider,

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