Monday, June 14, 2010

Areanal Volcanoe

This weekend, we got out of town again. This time the desitination was Arenal Volcane. This is an active voclcanoe. The third largest active in the world. We were hoping to to a glimpse of the volcane at night, as we have heard, you can watch the red hot lava coming down the mountain. To our suprise, we got to see an explosing when we entered the area. We were all so very excited.

As we were driving in to the Arenal area we got our first glimpse of the volcanoe.

Shortly after seeing it, we were able to witness a rupture, sending black smoke up

Finally the smoke came back down and covered the mountain

We stayed in a place called los largos. He has all of the pools, with the water heated from the volcanic action. There 13 pools going up throuhg the property. It was amazing to be able to sit in the pool and watch nature's beauty.

On Saturday we were awakened by Howler monkeys, at five in the morning. They were hanging in the trees outside our cabin. They were so loud we had to go see them. So the crazy americans went in the jungle with their pajamas and cameras looking for the monkeys. It was a blast.

I will put up some more from our trip later. This is all I had time for this morning and last night. I have to wait for my time on the computer.

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  1. too fun! Tell Judy she is looking good! lol.